The New Media University

Posted on March 23, 2011


In chapters 3-6 of Engage, Brian Solis claims that we are only becoming aware of our markets and “Social Media is a great equalizer and we share the desire and necessity to establish authority in order to help those around us”. In order to understand these markets Solis recommends that we become socially adept. Further we need to pay careful attention to the definition of social media as well how its interpretations are meant. By setting up a toolbox, Solis organizes it accordingly by categorizes and instruments some examples are:

Blogs: WordPress, Blogger

Social networks: Facebook, MySpace

Video: YouTube, Metcafe

Continuing on to chapter 4 and 5 Brian reaffirms how lucky we are to live in the time of the “next” web. With Blogs, Podcasts, and wikis, RSS feeds many companies are utilizing it’s potential. Such examples of this in the book were SouthWest Airlines and Dell and how they used the blogging medium to increase and repair reputation. Yet in good meaning companies run the risk of potential backlash of the community.

In Chapter 6 Social Media Brian discusses the social avenues in multimedia and their discussions. Also discussed was the importance of URL shorteners and companies such as Bit.Ly, TinyURL that offer the service. The reason for the rapid emergence of this feature is its use for those who want to say more with less.

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