“Dream City” or Neighborhood Threat?

Posted on March 25, 2011


I stumbled across a rather interesting story linked on twitter the other day. Four years ago, a local pastor spoke of his vision to create a 53 acre zone for the future development of PromiseLand West Church. Since the news of this story broke, Oak Hill neighborhoods have been following it very closely. This “Dream City” would include multiple buildings, a hike-and-bike trail, and a ball field. It would also feature a sign that reads, “Dream City: A Place Where Dreamers Gather.”

Several neighboring residents hope to quash this self-proclaimed promised dream. Many question the 28,000 square foot amphitheater’s “religious assembly use.” Stakeholders in the area worry the structure will have an immense impact on the light and sound in this largely rural setting. Pastor Randy Phillips is sticking to his guns proclaiming, “The community will love it!” One small blessing to the neighbors may be that the PromiseLand West site is located within the Barton Springs Zone.

Typically, most church developments need more than just administrative approvals from the city. Judging from the previous documents on file with the city, this blossoming project of a “dream city” does not seem like it is going to be an open-and-shut case. I foresee that this project will be debated for many years to come before they break ground.

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