Engaging 7-12

Posted on March 30, 2011


While the evolution and transformation of media and communications is being introduced and explained in previous chapters. Chapter 7 dives into social media dashboards, networks, virtual goods, and various social networks. In my life social media has transformed right before my eyes. While the chapter talked about steering visitors towards our social presence and producing and promoting compelling material in the communities. We need to find our visitors and not just build our sites and let it sit there.

Chapter 8 goes more into the business of microcommunities and refers to all the networks as to Personal Broadcast systems (PBSs). These communities focus on small bursts of information.  I agree with Brian as sure do others that Twitter has shown to be the champion with the frequency of online postings, and conversations.

While I can’t stand smart phones for my own reasons the launch of them have launched social networks to a new level. In chapters 9-12 Brian talks about how smart phones helped glue together SXSW in 2007.  With smart phone users checking in to different locations other users can see where everyone is going for the most popular venues. Although this sounds neat for some I consider myself an introvert and would rather lay on a beach. But I digress. Surprisingly I found one area very interesting and that is social media optimization. From reading and doing more study I learned that I can utilize Google to find events, forms, and other websites with simple keywords. As such, the websites I found provided insight how optimization and web syndication works and how I can apply it to my future business web page.

That is, as long as I stay consistent with my brand name, core, and values without “having multiple personalities.” I would fear the day to have an episode like Dell and have customers tarnish my name. Thanks for these guideline I hope I don’t share the same fate.

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