Holy Twitter!

Posted on April 4, 2011


According to VIRALBLOG there are over 106 million Twitter accounts. This number can’t be visualized in my head. As an aspiring entrepreneur for me there are over 106 million potential eyes on your company’s brand or service. Imagine the possibilities of brand recognition. On the down side that means there’s plenty of competition! with a limit of 140 characters it’s important to understand what your message will say and how to reach your target audience.

So in a vast ocean of Twitter accounts, how could you possibly expect to break through the clutter and build your reputation?

One great example I came across was a great blog post by Alex B. Alex explains that Twitter keeps track of what topics, words, or phrases are being talked about the most.

If you think about it, Twitter has allowed communicating with others all over the world. In normal everyday conversation you talk about products you use, rising trends, and seemingly endless options. If you look at many of the companies that utilize Twitter out there you realize they are all speaking with many voices. Some don’t understand the power in Tweeting and we see this with KennethCole during the turmoil in Egypt. When this occurred companies began changing their social media strategies. With this in mind I hope we all can see how beneficial Twitter is today and will be for small and large businesses.

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